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How to choose a kitchen faucet?

In this article we are going to elaborate some useful […]

In this article we are going to elaborate some useful tips to choose a proper kitchen faucet.
When choosing a faucet for your kitchen, there are many more options than comfortable handles or shot-off. Here are thing you may need to consider when you look for a kitchen faucet:


As with all home improvement projects, picking a new faucet requires some educated placement decisions. This means you should know how wide and deep the basin is, especially in comparison to the size of plates, Post, and pans you plan to wash in the sink.
– Any faucet you buy should have enough spout for these chores and others, as well as a low enough placement to avoid excess splashing.
– Know how much room is available behind the sink before you choose a faucet.
– A wall-mounted faucet needs to be placed with the spout reaching the center of the sink, so make sure to take into account the distance.

Kitchen Faucet Options

There are two types of faucet installations to choose from;
In a counter-mounted installation, kitchen faucet can be mounted on the sink edge. This is the most common type of kitchen faucets and helps to draw attention to the sink design as well. You will find single-hole to up to three-hole mounts, in all size and finishes.
Wall-mounted kitchen faucets are usually find in more public places and they often have more contemporary styles. However, in small kitchens and places with limited space, these types of faucets will help to free up more space beside the modern design finish.

Faucet Valves

Valves regulate water flow and temperature and make the water pour from the spout. There are many types, but there are three that are more commonly used;
– Ball Valve – usually comes in single handle faucets attached to near the base and controls the water flow and temperature by rotating and pivoting
– Disk Valve – comes with a top handle to control the water mix and flow. The name is used because there is usually a ceramic disk in the handle that create the seal to control the water flow.
– Cartridge Valve – they are used in blade handle faucets. In these models, the two individual handles can control the hot and cold water lines separately. These cartridges can easily be replaced if defective without needing to replace the entire faucet.

Number of faucet holes:

Depending on your sink, it can be single, double or triple holes drilled into the deck for faucet placement.


kitchen faucet

Sprayer Function

One faucet feature that modern kitchens should not go without is the sprayer function. Allowing you to easily direct the flow of water and reach every corner of the sink, it’s a feature that is used for many kitchen tasks – from filling pitchers and watering plants, to blasting away tough grime. There are a few different options available that primarily result from the shape of your faucet. Whatever sprayer function you choose, it is guaranteed to boost the functionality of your kitchen workflow.

Pull Down

Faucets with pull-down functionality, have a sprayer hose which extends down toward the sink from the main faucet body. These faucets often have a button or lever mechanism that allows you to access an aerated stream or a powerful spray of water from the same spout.

Pull Out

These kind of faucets allow you to access the benefits of pull-down functionality, but with a lower profile. These faucets pull outward toward the user.

Side Sprayer

These models have a separate spout for accessing the spray function, which docks on the sink or countertop rather than on the faucet body.

Style and Design

Last but not least is the design. Let’s face it – style matters! The kitchen faucet says a lot about a person’s personality. It should blend with and accentuate the look of your kitchen. Because of its prominent position, the faucet is often the pinnacle of kitchen design, with everything else falling in place around it. We at saniterica, have many different Grohe traditional or modern faucets for you to choose from.

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