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Rimless toilet VS traditional toilet advantages

In this article we are going to explain why rimless […]

In this article we are going to explain why rimless toilet has fast become the norm in new toilets

What’s the difference between a traditional toilet and a rimless toilet?

Traditional toilets have a rim around the inner pan of the toilet where when you flush, the water distributes from underneath the toilet rim to dispose of waste.

Rimless toilets on the other hand, flush water around the whole pan with a superior flushing mechanism that removes the need for a rim altogether.


Here are the five advantages of rimless toilets;

#1: Hygiene is built in

Hard-to-reach areas of a traditional toilet pan are breeding grounds for germs to hide.

rimless toilets provide a more hygienic day-to-day experience. This is because without the traditional rim and with the advanced flushing system, it washes all those germs away easily.

#2: They’re easy to clean

No one really enjoys cleaning a toilet. It is never an enjoyable task.

Rimless toilets are quick and easy to clean because those tricky nooks aren’t there for grime and germs to build up. Also, many new design toilets like Duravit have easy clean surface that are easier to clean and in some case are antibacterial.

#3: Superior flushing

Rimless toilets use a direct flushing system which distributes water around the pan more effectively. This means that each flush is more efficient.

Take your water consumption to the next level with a toilet that combines both rimless technology and double vortex technology, reducing litres of water required while also providing a powerful flush.

#4: A wide range of designs

Do you want a sleek profile to fit in with your clutter-free lifestyle? Choose a wall hung rimless toilet that works with in-wall cisterns.

Are you retrofitting your current toilet? A wall-hung toilet is a compact solution that let you save more space in your bathroom and looks a lot better.

Product Suggestion

Duravit Starck 3 V2 Compact Rimless Wall Mount Toilet

#5: New technology is affordable

This technology is available at every price point. This means that you don’t need to blow your budget to find a rimless toilet that fits your style. You can get a Rimless toilet for the same price you’d expect a traditional box rim to be. So if you’re looking at upgrading your toilet, price is not an affecting factor.

What are the cons?

The most important function you need to consider before choosing a Rimless toilet technology is the effectiveness of the flush in regards to how well the bowl is cleaned. Another factor is the possibility of water splashing now that the Rim has been removed.
While Duravit toilets must pass specific testing including splashing, negating the need to rely on a second flush is definitely something to look out for. Therefore, seeing a demonstration of how a toilet flushes is a great place to start.


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