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The Benefits Of Owning a TOTO Washlet Toilet Seat

The swoosh of a new Toto toilet is one of […]

The swoosh of a new Toto toilet is one of the most reassuring sounds a homeowner can hear. But, there is more to Toto than the game-changing one flush toilets they are famous for. The exciting Toto Washlet is another great product in their lineup.

The truly innovative and well-conceived Toto Washlet toilet device is an improved, contemporary version of an older-style bidet. The device is made to fit over most elongated styles of Toto toilets. The seat is equipped with a nozzle that, when activated, sprays a gentle stream of warm water upward onto the seated area to cleanse and soothe. Toilet paper might be a distant memory when the Washlet is used. This is truly an experience and a toilet item to be considered when doing a bathroom remodeling.

Other features of the Washlet that users enjoy:

  • soothing warm water wash with aerated water
  • adjustable water temperatures to fit everyone’s preferences
  • oscillating feature that moves back and forth for full-coverage
  • temperature controlled seat
  • self-cleaning feature with a double action spray
  • hidden cord for a stylish, uncluttered look
  • Patented Selfclose seat, a favorite feature for women.

Washlet and Toto Toilets Make an Ideal Duet

The Washlet delivers a level of personal sanitation and overall cleanliness never before offered. It was developed to be used with the industry-changing Toto toilet ever since most states began requiring a flush rate of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Toto developed a system that delivers an amazing one flush that exceeded government standards and surpasses the performance of competitors. When you buy a Toto toilet in Toronto for your new home from,  you are way ahead of the curve in many areas, including :


Toto and its innovative Washlet lead the industry. They set the standards. The company continues to forge new ideas and improvements designed to keep the products at the top of their class. The Washlet is a perfect example of the company’s innovation process, and its ability to think outside the box.


Toto offers many unique choices, including the most popular style elements of today. Choose from traditional, transitional, and contemporary lines that exemplify your good taste when you buy TOTO toilet in Toronto.


All Toto products are made to the exacting design and engineering specifications set by the company. Controlled production standards are maintained to assure every homeowner with the ultimate in performance and a long maintenance-free product life.


We can proudly and truthfully assert that every Toto Washlet toilet is a true water-saving device that will live up to its one flush reputation. The Washlet can practically eliminate the use of toilet paper and the threat of clogged toilets that result from too much toilet paper use.


Toto products prove their value in a number of ways. One very important consideration is that of customer satisfaction in knowing that you have done your part to help the environment while saving money on water and sewage use bills. Further value comes in the form of fewer, if any, maintenance issues over the life of the product.

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