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TOTO Drake Toilet – One of the best on the market

If you have searched for a Toilet, you probably have […]

If you have searched for a Toilet, you probably have heard of TOTO brand. TOTO is a world leader in toilet manufacture. Among its most incredible success stories is the Toto Drake toilet Range.  The toilet’s popularity reveals that there is something that consumers have grown to love and trust in each unit they have installed in their quarters, hence buying more units of the toilet.

The toilets have exceptional features that make them a favorite in homes, offices, and restrooms. Toto designs are robust, sleek, comfortable, powerful, and efficient mid-range toilets. But let talk about what makes the Drake toilets attractive and exceptional in the marketplace.

But how do you ensure you get the best value for money in terms of quality, needs, and preferences? You can look at the following points to determine the toilet you will buy:

Stay Within Your Budget

At every point, money has a way of limiting our options; it gives us the freedom to get high-quality products but limits us from getting expensive worthless products. Price does not always equal value, so stay within the medium price whenever possible.

It is wise to scouts for quality toilets that fall within your budget. For the right price, you can get a lot of toilets that meet most of your needs. Ensure that you choose a toilet that will not strain your budget in the acquisition and installation costs.

Stay with Conventional colors

A bathroom holds an integral part of a house. It is wise to give the bathroom neutral colors that can easily blend with the rest of the house or bathroom. The most favorite and practical color for a toilet is white.

An appropriately themed toilet will not only increase your property’s value, but also have a significant impact on your interior design. Neutral colors are right when you need to remodel the house and have no time to replace the toilet each time.

The Toilet Bowl Height of TOTO Drake Toilet

The toilet bowl height is the vertical length from the floor of the toilet to the bowl. The choice of the toilet height is entirely up to you, but it is worth mentioning that the American Disability Act (ADA) and physicians recommend the comfort height size. The standard toilets do measure 12 to 15 inches.

These standard toilets are not ergonomic and give a strain on the back and are harder to get on and off, especially for the disabled. An ADA-compliant bowl height is usually 16 to 19 inches high, which is more comfortable to get on and off the throne.

These comfortable toilets are right on the knees and back and are very suitable for tall people, the elderly, and those with mobility issues. However, those with children have to make arrangements to help children get on the comfortable toilet.

Water-Saving Features

Water is one of the most critical resources in any civilization, and efficient use of water is becoming more and more critical.

TOTO Drake is one of the most efficient options out there using 1.28 GPF. It has the WaterSense label and uses 20% less water than average toilets sold in the market today. Please note that Drake has a line that uses 1.0 GPF of water only!

Bowl Shape

As we have mentioned before in our other posts, There are two types of toilet bowls: the round and the elongated bowls. The round bowl is less comfortable but takes less flow space, while the long bowl is cozy but gobbles up a considerable chunk of the floor space.

You need more flow space for your toilet if you buy an elongated toilet, as it can block the door entrances and or reduce floor space.

Flushing Technology

Flushing helps us eliminate both solid and liquid waste from our toilets. We are always keen to ensure that we have the most effective technology that flushes the toilet clean and conveniently.  Some toilets use touchless technology to flush the toilet with a wave of the hand.

You can also use the lever or button to flush the toilet. Dual-flush toilets have two buttons on the tank for partial flushing for liquid waste and full-flush for solid waste. Some WaterSense models combine high efficiency with dual flush.

If the toilet is located next to the kitchen or a living room, it is good to choose a gravity-feed model, which is more silent than pressure-assisted models.

Do you want a 1-piece or 2-piece toilet?

Toilets can be 1-piece or 2-piece designs, each with its multiple pros and cons. One-piece toilets are quite a challenge to fit as the tank and the toilet seat are inseparable, but the two-piece designs are much more flexible. It is easy to carry the design as each part is carried and fitted separately.

1-piece toilets have a sleek look but present a challenge at installation and carrying on stairs. It is also harder to clean 2-piece toilets.

What are the Key Features of the Toto Drake Toilet?

You are now an expert at toilet selection and can judge between any toilets that are set before you objectively. Of the Myriad of feature in the TOTO Drake toilet, the following feature stands out:

The Powerful G-Max Flush

The G-max is an industry benchmark in flushing, pioneered by the Toto industries. The system is used in all Toto models to ensure that you do not experience clogs.

The G-Max flush uses a wide 3-inch flush valve and a tramway to rapidly draw water into the toilet bowl and push the water away rapidly through powerful siphoning. This flushing technology ensures that whatever you flush goes down the drain.

Comfort Height and Standard Height Options

Toto manufacturers do not want to decide what you need and shove it down to you. They give you a wide range of choices to choose the type of toilet one needs in their home. Toto Drake models come in both universal height (comfortable height) height and standard height, so you choose what truly meets your needs.

Easy installation

All the Drake toilet models are two-piece models that are easy to carry and mount even upstairs. The toilet is divided into sections that are easy to install and reduce the chances of breaking since lighter. You do not need much skill to install the toilet, follow the instructions, and you will be using the toilet in no time.

Concealed Design

Most people would advise you to get a one-piece toilet design so that it is easy to clean. Although the Toto Drake is a two-piece design, it is easy to clean due to the concealed design that is they hide fewer surfaces that need cleaning.

Water-Saving technology

All the Toto Drake Toilet models are designed to be water efficient while delivering a powerful G-max flush. The 1.6 GPF models of the Drake model are the least water-saving models, yet they meet the EPA regulations on water saving. Some more efficient Drake models that use 1.28 GPF that has been awarded the WaterSense mark.

Ultra-Smooth CeFIONtect Bowl Finish option

The Drake toilet model has an option to use a CeFIONtect smooth coating to help you deal with tough waste smears that can survive the powerful G-Max flush.

The CeFIONtect is a smooth surface that prevents the waste from sticking on the bowl’s sides after a flash. The material has few microscopic gaps that hide, making the toilet harder to clean and causing discoloration of the toilet.

It may take a long time to enumerate all the features of 27 models of a toilet, let’s summarize them in some pros and cons. The pros and cons are meant to make it easier for you to sift through large information and decide whether Toto Drake toilets are for you.


Tot Drake is not just a popular brand but features some rich designs and technologies that make it one of the best in the market. Here is an overview of its pros:

  • Easy Installation – You do not have to buy a toilet, then require a NASA engineer to help you install it. The fact that Drake is a two-piece makes it easier to carry and fix it in any room.
  • Water-saving –The Drake toilets have been engineered to help you save water by meeting the regulatory amount of 1.6 GPF in some models and even the 1.28 GPF that meets the WaterSense threshold. The rating means that the toilet is 20% more efficient than most toilets; hence it uses only 1.28 GPF.
  • Powerful and quiet G-Max flushing system
  • A choice between elongated and round bowls for comfort and space all
  • Ultra-Smooth CeFIONtect Bowl surface finish
  • Comfortable height seating for less strain and support for the elderly and disabled, and children.
  • Easy flushing and maintenance due to the vitreous china
  • Some models feature a dual flushing mode that gives you options on the flushing technology.


As much as Toto drake is feature-packed, it lacks in a few areas:

  • Some users find it stressful that it does not come with a seat. (We at Saniterica sell all our toilets with seat, so not to worry much)
  • Its ridge can look like staining.
  • The CeFIONtect glaze is not available to all models.

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