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Wall Hung Vs Floor Mounted Toilets

Here are few advantages of wall hung toilets over regular […]

Here are few advantages of wall hung toilets over regular floor mounted toilets


Since the tank is inside the wall, and also the insulations used around the tank, the sound of it refilling after each flush is much quieter than a regular toilet.

Space Saving

Because the tank is installed inside the wall, wall mounted toilets like Duravit Starck 3 are more efficiently designed. Since they take up less space, this frees up more room to install other items or appliances.

With a wall-hung toilet, you can save up to 24 centimeters compared to a floor-mounted model simply by having the tank in the wall. Not only that, but the bowl can also be positioned at various heights. This frees up more space underneath the bowl and adds to the open aesthetic in your bathroom.


Wall-hung toilets are more modern and minimalistic, taking up less space in the bathroom and giving it a clean, airy aesthetic. They are generally considered more design-oriented, while floor-mounted toilets are more traditional.

If you want a contemporary designer look, a wall-hung toilet is a great choice. However, many one-piece floor-mounted toilets have classy designs as well.


Wall hung toilets are easier to clean for two reasons.

First, they do not touch the floor, leaving the space underneath easy to access for cleaning. Since the tank is in the wall and you only have one main piece (the bowl) to clean, there are fewer nooks and crevices for dust and dirt to build up.

A regular floor-mounted toilet has a greater surface area that needs to be cleaned, and classic two-piece designs have little spaces where dirt and dust can gather, such as the space between the bowl and tank.

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