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All New Grohe Matt Black bath and kitchen Collection

Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – Black is the new white when […]

Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – Black is the new white when it comes to current interior concepts. And the trend to the most elegant non-color of all does not stop at the kitchen. Black kitchen designs increasingly appear in Instagram feeds, home décor magazines, and stylish homes. With ‘Matt Black’, the latest addition to the versatile GROHE Colors Collection, the global brand now allows its customers to incorporate bold design statements in their kitchens at home.

“Black is a perfect interior color to play with as it combines minimalism with an elegant yet dramatic touch. Already one black statement piece can make a huge difference for your space. Especially, since this trending color can be easily matched with other shades and colors. This is also the new go-to-hue for our GROHE Blue water system. With the extension of our successful GROHE Colors Collection, we are answering the increasing desire of our customers to customize their living space according their individual taste,” explains Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design, EMENA.


GROHE water system in ‘Matt Black’ –an eye-catcher in the kitchen

Bold black interior is in vogue in the kitchen. With open, spacious concepts, the kitchen becomes the center of attention and the perfect stage for design statements. This is where GROHE water systems come into play: The combination of state-of-the-art drinking water technology with the latest trend color ‘Matt Black’ makes GROHE water systems perfect kitchen companions. Because behind the beautiful design is more than just a simple faucet: The intelligent GROHE Blue system transforms regular drinking water in filtered and chilled still, medium, or sparkling water, making bottled water unnecessary and delivering instant refreshment directly from the kitchen tap. This makes GROHE Blue a great addition to any kitchen and furthermore enables users to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, there is GROHE Red, a system that quickly delivers filtered water at a temperature of up to 100° C and puts an end to frustrating waiting times. GROHE Red is not only easy to operate but, thanks to a TÜV-certified ChildLock system, it is also very safe.


Download the new Grohe Black collection catalogue here

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