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Duravit Wall-Mounting Shower Arms With Plate

Wall-mounting Shower Arm

Chrome Finished

With Round or Square Plate

Rough-In For Concealed Installation


Estimated Delivery Time: 12 - 16 Days


Duravit wall-mounting shower arms are quality, modern and chromed finished arms that hold the shower head and connect it to the wall. Shower arm is a pipe that extends out of the wall to provide more flexibility for shower head movement and adjustment. Duravit wall-mounting shower arms are fixed on the wall with an standard height so they are not adjustable. The connecting arm therefore functions as an essential piece that allows water flow and pressure from the water line behind the wall, straight to the shower head. They are the decorative and functional part of the shower set that create modern and minimalistic shower and bathroom look.

Shower arm is an important component of a rough-in shower system. Duravit shower arms are made with high quality and durable materials to last for a long time to come. With an uncluttered, modern and simple design, it brings a fresh and minimalistic look to any bathroom set-up or arrangements. Duravit shower arms also come with a chrome escutcheon to cover the gap around the mounting area with optional round or square escutcheon.

You can download the installation instruction sheet here. To find out more information about Duravit products warranty terms and conditions please click here.

If you would like to know more about different types of bathroom faucets please click here for related article. For more details, please see the technical sheet below;

SKU: UV0670017U00 – UV0670030U00 – UV0670018U00 – UV0670031U00 – UV0670019U00 – UV0670032U00 – UV0670021U00




Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 70 × 25 cm
Arm Shape

Curved, Angled, Straight, Straight With Extended Arm

Plate Shape

Round, Square



Duravit AG, founded in 1817 and headquartered in Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit Toilets, Wash Basins, Bathtubs, Wall Hung Toilets, 2x4 Toilet Carrier
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